The Dash Are The First All-In-One Wireless Smart Headphones

The Dash was first conceived by Nikolaj Hviid, a Danish living in Germany.  His goal was to develop a discreet assistant that would “listen to my body, take care of me, it would entertain me, and enable me to do better.” Check out this great product on Kickstarter.

The Dash is the world’s first Smart Headphones.  It does all of the things your current headphones do (without the cords), and adds a plethora of other features.

The Dash


One of the most interesting things about The Dash is that it will pair via Bluetooth to your phone, but a phone is not required for it to work.  Just upload your music to the mp3 player with 4 GB of memory and head out to enjoy the crisp and clear sound.  Control volume, playlists, or other options with simple swipe/touch actions right on the device orr just sync with your phone and have access to any of your music or apps.


If you are working out, your vitals are monitored and you are kept informed.  The Dash helps you stay on track towards your goals and keep you aware of your progress.  You can know how far you’ve come, how fast you are moving, and your heart rate levels.  All at the same time through 1 device!

Imagine having a guardian angel that would take care of you. – Nikolaj Hviid


You have the options with these headphones of tuning sound out with noise isolation.  Or, if you need to be in the moment, there is a noise transparency option.  The Dash can also be used to make calls because of the Ear Bone microphone.  Yes, you read the right.

The Dash is water resistant, so really you can wear your headphones anywhere.  My greatest concern would be the fit.  I’ve always had a hard time with finding the proper fitting headphones that don’t fall out while I’m running.  Why would I want to jump in a lake for a swim with my expensive cordless headphones?

When designing The Dash, Nikolaj and his team used hundreds of ears to discover the best mold and fit.  There are 3 different sizes that will fit most ears.  Because the devices are so small and lightweight, once they are in, they don’t fall out.  The three point secure fit makes sure that you won’t lose your toy the second you move your head.

Watch this video to see all the Dash’s awesome features:

What do you think?  Would you use all of these options?  Is it super convenient, or too invasive?  Head on over to Kickstarter and show your support!

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  • Jacob Busk

    Nikolaj Hviid is actually danish but the company is German.

    • Lizzie Robinson

      Thank you! I’ve updated.