The Drone: A New, Mobile Way To Game

There’s a special treat for all you mobile gamers out there.  Whether you like to play games on your smartphone, tablet or PC, the Drone is what you’ve been missing.  Gamers will finally be able to play complex games with their fingers and thumbs on buttons without having to swipe and tap the screen anywhere you go. Imagine being able to carry Call of Duty with you in your pocket! The Drone controller definitely makes a difference in mobile game play by creating an easier mobile user experience.

Evolution Controller’s goal when designing the Drone, was to make it compatible across a number of favorite gaming devices and platforms. While this is not an iOS7 compatible device, it will connect with iCade, OUYA, smartphones, Windows Surface, Kindle Fire, Chromebook, and PCs. And because it is powered by a lithium ion battery, you’ll get 17+ hours of game play. It also has a 4 hour charge time and a standby time of 7+ days. You could literally play during the entire flight from Los Angeles to Bangkok.

Besides being compatible across multiple platforms and having a great battery, the Drone is also extremely portable and durable. Whether you are at home, traveling for business or pleasure, camping, riding on the bus, or at school or work, the Drone will go with you because it easily fits in your pocket, purse or backpack. It also has the durability to chill in your pocket when you’re not in gaming mode because of the hard plastic material design. Even with the new precision joysticks, 10 action buttons, 2 bumpers, and 2 triggers, it will withstand significant impact.

If you want to be the first to own a Drone and show it off to your friends, Evolution Controllers is planning to release it to the general public at a retail price of $59.99. Right now you can order one on Kickstarter and have it by mid-December.

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