The Future of the Home Network

With the current trend in wireless internet enabled devices, I started to think what the future of the home network would be. Seamless integrated internet points are certain to be the norm, along with wi-fi extenders and other pieces that extend your wireless network. Even now I see homes with every room hard-wired for direct internet access. Twenty years ago wiring houses for internet seemed like an overly-futuristic thought, but that thinking is commonplace in most new homes. So, what are going to be the demands and changes of the 21st century?

First, it seems that wi-fi enabled blu-ray players and other similar devices are here to stay. Gaming systems are likely to continue to grow their online presence. In addition, the emergence of the iPad and video-to-video chat and conferencing is only going to increase demand. TV is probably the next to make more a more substantial effort to make content available via a network to compete with the plethora of TV ready content already online.

What does all of this mean for home networking? Well first of all it is going to need a whole lot more bandwidth to run all of these devices simultaneously. Your home-network is certainly going to need an upgrade to stay in touch. Home gateways, extra powerful routers and media servers are definitely going to see an increased demand in the home. So, get ready for the wave of the future and prepare yourself to be an internet machine!

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  • Vvsoares

    The interest thing is that this isn’t the future. My devices are all wireless like these example above.