The GoPad Is The Weirdest Looking iPad Accessory We’ve Seen

Since the invention of the iPad, there have been a lot of iPad accessories that have also been invented out of necessity. Some are brilliant. Some are…um, lacking in the “cool” department. The GoPad is an accessory for your iPad that is the epitome of innovative, but maybe not the coolest looking thing to be seen using in public.

The GoPad is a sleek iPad “desk” that can hang around your neck. Normally you can stroll around with the iPad dangling from your neck, flat against your front, allowing for easy transportation. Suddenly an idea hits or you need to look something up. Simply flip the iPad out and have it rest upon your belly, creating an on-the-spot “desk” for easy stand-up typing. Totally functional, right?

The only thing is it just looks a little awkward. One website compared it to looking like a T-Rex typing away at an iPad. Who knows, maybe this will be the new thing in geek-chic and I’m not hip enough to understand. Either way, if you value the convenience of being able to type on your iPad with two hands while standing in line at the grocery store, you can score a GoPad and matching bag for about $90. Good news for other tablet users too- the GoPad will soon be made to accomodate the Playbook, Motorola Xoom, Kindle Fire, and the Galaxy Tab.

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