The Gymbot robot concept takes the home gym to a new level

So how are those new year resolutions coming along? Still frequenting the gym as much as you’d hoped?  It’s tough, I know. So many ways to cheat on our diets and and rationalize not lacing up our running shoes. A designer named Max Battaglia, is developing a concept to keep you on track with a product called the Gymbot- an all-in-one battery-powered personal trainer, teacher, and motivator.

The Gymbot is designed to live with you at home, unlike a typical personal trainer. The voice-activated robot will teach you how to develop healthy nutrition habits and encourage you to exercise. It can show you how to do certain exercises correctly, checking your posture and your pulse in real time to prevent any undue stress or injury. To make sure you’re on the right track, Gymbot will be able to quantify your progress and will adjust your workouts to work with your diet and physical condition.

The catch? The Gymbot doesn’t exist yet, and probably won’t until about 2020, so don’t hold your breath. The designer feels that in order for Gymbot to be successful, scientist first need to develop better and smaller lithium batteries and improved (and more affordable) robotics.  Time will only tell if this concept will become a reality. If it did, would this be something you’d invest in? Or is it just too weird/freaky having a robot order you around?

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