The Horizon App Makes Sure All Your Videos Are Shot In Landscape

Horizon AppNow that all of us always have a camera in our pocket, we have all become photographers.  One of my biggest frustrations with camera phone video is that a lot of people (it used to be most, but people are getting a lot better) record their videos the same way they hold their phone. In portrait mode.

I’m sure we’ve all seen these videos shared on Facebook or YouTube and felt frustrated.  You can’t really see what’s going on and it’s all zoomed out.  We have widescreen TV’s and computer monitors now.  Videos shot in landscape mode take the best advantage of these screens.

Horizon is a new camera app that takes care of this in a beautiful way.  No matter which way you are holding your phone (it can even be diagonally!), your video is shot horizontally.  Check out their promo video:

You can see that it is a bit shaky when rotating mid video.  Here’s to hoping that this will be improved in the future.  If nothing else though, this will remind people to rotate their phones so that they aren’t taking those portrait videos anymore.

This app is only available for iOS users and is $.99 on iTunes.

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  • FILA

    I have always wondered why Google has never implemented this from the early stages, kind of like the Flip cameras. A standalone app will suck because people will forget or not know about the app.

  • JP

    The app will suck “because people will forget or not know about it”?!
    Let’s spread the word!

  • rhlas

    I think the best part is it makes for a very easy zoom function simply by rotating the device