The Industrial iPhone Bumper With Built In Stand

I love to peruse the Kickstarter projects for sweet new designs. This is the first time I’ve found a pre-announced Kickstarter project: The Idostand.

I love the industrial glass and metal of the iPhone. I don’t like to cover it up with anything but an Invisible Shield. In some situations, I have a bumper for extra protection. This new case might be another option for me.

Industrial Bumper

The Idostand is an industrial design by Allan Ospina, which doubles as a stand and a case. The beauty is that it works in both portrait and landscape.

The Idostand has two rotating arms that allow for the optimal positioning of your iPhone. There are no additional parts, and the case/stand has a hinged system that allow the arms to snap into place whenever they’re not in use. The case is minimal but does protect your phone as well.

Metal cases

I don’t know if Ospina missed the last flop of metal iPhone cases. It turns out that they tend to have some antenna interference issues. It’s possible, that they have done some testing, and the final product will be made out of other material.

Either way, I’ll be checking it out. The Idostand should be raising funds on Kickstarter soon. So you can get an industrial case stand out of the first batch.

Image Source: Design Boom

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