The iPad Mini has a face. Leaked pictures of the fully assembled iPad Mini

And, now we have a leak of the full iPad Mini with it’s rounded edges, more narrow bezel, and 8” form factor.

The Amazon Fall Kindle event made me very excited for a smaller form factor tablet. I purchased a Kindle Fire when they first released, and it has since been a ‘Paperweight Kindle’. When I watched this hands on, I lost my desire for a Kindle even more.

What I really need is a 8” iPad. The device would be small enough to hold in one hand, and big enough to run iPad apps. Apple’s iOS devices never suffer from the dreaded lag. Why do competitors even release products without getting rid of the lag?

The iPad Mini is rumored to launch in October, in time for the holiday season, but well after the iPhone 5 event. For now, you can enjoy a few comparison photos courtesy of

iPad Mini screen protectors will be ready for purchase as soon as this is confirmed!

Joshua Howland

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