The iPhone 5 can connect directly to USB devices thanks to the new Lightning port

One of the most common accessories I’ve suggested for the iPad or iPhone is Apple’s Camera Connection Kit. The connector gave a lot more options that just an SD card reader. Users could connect quite a few devices through the kit like cameras and wired keyboards with the USB connection.

The Japanese Apple focused Macotakara blog claims that the new Lightning dock connector will allow third-party accessory makers to create new kinds of products that connect directly into the port, rather than requiring an Apple tool like the Camera Kit.

Previously, only the iPad had the ability to host USB devices through Apple’s Camera Connection Kit. The Apple-made, accessory USB port allows users to connect devices such as cameras and wired keyboards to their iPad, but not the iPhone.

Now that the iPhone has Lightning it seems that there will be built-in support for USB hosting. If the devices come with (or have an adaptor for) a Lightning connection they will potentially be connectable to the iPhone.

The 30-pin dock connector is old – 9 years old. The new Lightning port fits the characterists of a well-designed plug: orientation independent, small, and secure. The little plug can be put into the iPhone with either side facing outward. With updated technology the port also allowed Apple to make the iPhone the thinnest smartphone on the market.

Source: AppleInsider

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  • fulanomengano

    Almost 2 years later and I haven’t seen anything like this for iPhone. Are there any on the market?

  • Tim

    I want to be able to put my many photos on a usb drive and then carry it independently for my ipad, computer and tablet hook uo! Does this exist? I dont care what it cost!