The iPhone 5 is an evolution… Tech bloggers wanted a revolution… again

This is the third and last article you’ll get from me on this. Here are the first and second of the series. Sorry if it seems like I’m beating a dead horse, it seems to me that my three articles still don’t rise to the whininess we have to endure from the tech bloggers.

Mat Honan for Wired:

”It’s a weird paradox. The iPhone 5 can simultaneously be the best phone on the market and really, really boring. And that has almost nothing to do with Apple and everything to do with our expectations.”

Honan is on to something there: the problem is expectations.

The previous article covered a couple reasons tech bloggers think the iPhone is a disappointment. John Gruber thinks the media doesn’t value the fine craftsmanship of the iPhone as much as consumers. Harry Marks thinks the tech bloggers spend too much time looking at rumors compared to consumers who are unaware of the product until Apple announces it.


NFC, USB 3, Face Unlock are all things that competitors of the iPhone tout as big selling features. The new iPhone came and went, and none of those features were announced.

Someday (maybe soon) Apple will release a new product that changes an entire industry like the Mouse, iPod, iPhone, MacBook Air, or iPad. Maybe it will be a TV, maybe it will be something else.

Apple doesn’t need to worry about the competition. They are making 76% of all cell phone industry profits. They make the most loved phone by consumers every year. The tech bloggers are looking for Apple beat out the competitors on a spec list. That’s just not how they roll.

Once Apple has reinvented a product, the rest is iterative. They build on what they have already. The iPhone 5 is evolutionary.


The simple truth is tech bloggers disappointment might stem from a combination of all three causes. They may indeed be out of touch with what mass consumers want: quality. They likely know too well what is coming and aren’t surprised by Apple events anymore.

Mostly, however, tech bloggers want something from Apple that Apple doesn’t give, the reinvention of the iPhone.

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