The iPhone 5 Will Have a 19-Pin Dock. Stage 5: Acceptance.

Say goodbye to this familiar friend.

Why another story on the possibility of a 19-pin dock connector? Because this time it’s from Reuters.

Rumors have been swirling about Apple dropping the standard 30-pin connector that it has used for the majority of its gadgets for nearly a decade. When the story comes from such a reputable news organization as Reuters, it may finally be time to accept the story as not just a rumor but as an inevitability.

Why would Apple even bother making the switch at all? Longtime Apple users likely have a collection of 30-pin connectors already. When I glance down at my computer I see two of them plugged in plus a spare nearby. That’s not including the one plugged into my wall, either. The cynical answer is that Apple wants to make more money selling adapters to convert 30-pin accessories to 19-pin ones. While Apple certainly won’t complain about that, it’s not the primary reason that’s been given.

The shift to a 19-pin dock will free up space on the iPhone to allow for the earphone jack to be placed on the bottom. Personally, I welcome this change. When I use headphones with my iPhone I would prefer the jack be on the opposite end.

Will this shift in docks cause a big problem for Apple? For me, it won’t. I’ll buy the iPhone 5 regardless since I skipped the 4S. Fortunately, I don’t have a lot of accessories that will be affected by the switch but you can be sure that if adapters aren’t ready for the 19-pin dock at launch, they’ll soon follow it. Does this shift to a smaller dock affect your decision to upgrade?

(Image courtesy of 21TonGiant available under a Creative Commons Attribution Generic license.)

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