The iPhone case for people who frequently lose their car keys

Chances are you struggle to find certain “every day” items sometimes. Some days you might misplace your cell phone. Other days it might be the car keys. Rarely, it seems, do people misplace both items at the same time, and with that, an innovative new iPhone case/stuff finding device has the potential to make a lot of sense for those of us who just can’t keep track of everything.

Bikn is a new iPhone case that comes with a little tag that can be attached to any item, from your car keys to something else valuable, like a child for instance. Bikn, which is fully customizable from a color and style perspective, is billed as giving your iPhone the ability to find your stuff, and giving your stuff the ability to find your iPhone.

Bikn works by broadcasting a signal if you use one end of the device to contact the other. So let’s say you’re using the Bikn tag as a keychain, but you can’t find your phone. Just hit the button on the keychain and your phone’s case will beep. Can’t find your keys? Use the case to signal the keys.

The nice thing about Bikn is those are the simple use cases, though. A Bikn app for iOS makes it so that the sky is the limit for potential use cases. One example mentioned on Bikn’s site is attaching the Bikn tag to a child’s belt loop and using the app to set up a geo fence while the kid is playing in the park. If the child leaves the geo fence, an alert could be sent to the phone saying that the Bikn tag has left the “safe area.”

A Bikn starter kit, with the phone case, and two tags, will run you about $129.99 on the company’s website. One other nice thing about the device is that you can purchase additional tag sets, so if you need to control an entire flock of children while at the park, you can tag them all and let them run free without worry. Additional tag sets cost $49.99.

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