The iPhone In Two Years: A Short Wishlist

Apple sold 4 million iPhones over the weekend. The 4S is my first smartphone, and I’m loving it. Though I am totally satisfied with the 4S, there are a few things that I’m looking forward to in the next iPhone I get in two years.

Faster, thinner, lighter

Naturally, the iPhone of 2013 will be faster, thinner, lighter.

Replace your wallet (NFC or Bluetooth 4)

NFC is wireless technology with numerous capabilities. Its primary use is to make payments with your cell phone as if it were a credit card. Though the iPhone 4S doesn’t have NFC built-in, Apple slipped in Bluetooth 4.0, which may have the potential to work like NFC.

Micro-USB instead of the dock connector

Apple recently released a micro USB adapter to comply with the EU’s standard micro-USB charging cables. Having just one standard cable that you can use to charge all of your mobile devices would be very convenient and significantly reduce wasted cable. Maybe Apple will drop the dock and use micro-USB instead.

I’m not seeing any likelihood of microSD being adopted, though…

Wireless charging

This probably won’t happen within two years, but it should happen eventually. Wireless induction chargers do exist already, but they just don’t work as well as WiTricity does.

I don’t want to start rumors here, because most rumors are inaccurate (especially these ones). I just wanted to take a look at the direction things are going and submit several basic ideas about what I want in the next smart phone I get. Some of these may be a stretch, but it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

What possibilities do you see (or want to see) in the next couple years?

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