The “Key” To Never Forgetting Your Charger Again

I know you’ve experienced that sinking feeling. You know what I’m talking about—your phone is running out of battery at work, at a friend’s house, or the airport and you didn’t think to carry around a cable with you to charge your device. It’s a horrible feeling, but Nomad, the company behind CHARGEKEY, wants to be the phone equivalent of AAA for you.


The CHARGEKEY fits right in with the rest of your keys.

CHARGEKEY’s Indiegogo campaign was funded more than three times over their original goal, and units have already shipped out to those who supported the campaign. The idea behind the device is simple and one that has been popping up over and over—in a world of carry-around gadgets, a charger that fits on your key chain is king. This slender USB charger is about the size of a (you guessed it) key, and there’s one version for iPhone 5 and one with a Micro USB, which charges Android, Windows Phone, and any other micro USB devices.

The CHARGEKEY is built to charge, sync (if using with your computer), and it is also flexible and bendable so you don’t have to worry about it if it has to support the weight of your phone or device while charging.

While the CHARGEKEYs are currently on back order, they should start shipping out for $25 beginning at the end of February.

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