The Microsoft Surface Video That’s Topping The Charts

Microsoft announced its new tablet, called the Surface yesterday. Along with the announcement and event at Milk Studios in Los Angeles, Microsoft released a promotional movie for the tablet.

The movie looks pretty slick with the water and rock motif playing throughout along with the dubstep audio track.

The video has already reached the top of the Mashable Global Ads chart for the past 24 hours.

It’s not clear who made the video, considering Microsoft currently has partnerships with AKQA, Big Spaceship, Razorfish, Team Detroit, UM, and Y&R for its Windows 8 ads. JWT is also rumored to be part of the creative agency lineup.

Perhaps the success of the video is tied to Microsoft’s own history with awkward promotional ads for its own products. The contrast here is sharp, for those who have witnessed past failures. Some may even say that the Microsoft Surface video takes itself a bit too seriously in its attempts to be cool. But for now, the effort appears to be paying off in spades and we’re very excited about this new angle.

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