The Mobile Box Office Will Change How You Go To Concerts

Have you been to an indy concert recently? Any kind of live event for that matter?

You might run into a situation where you need to go throught he box office, and it takes some time. In fact, at an indy concert I went to recently there was only one person manning the pay booth (because there was only one pay booth), and we all had to wait in line. The concert was delayed.

A mobile box office

You’ve seen something like this before. Some companies take it seriously, like Apple, and others make is simple like Square.

Converting a cellphone into a credit card reader is nothing new, but transforming one into a box office for live events could shake things up a bit – or, at least provide a bit of friendly competition for NFC-based alternatives.

In Ticketing launched InHand Box Office software. The software and hardware are Apple certified to work iwth the iPod Touch and the iPad. The software is for use at live events, and can potentially reduce the time spent in line.

Lack of support for other platforms

You don’t have to have the iAPS Sled in order to use the app. The In Ticketing new app, will work just fine without it.

What’s left for issues? After all if you’re an independent concert hall, a tool like this could do wonders for customer experience.

What’s always awkward about products like this? Oh, yeah. The blatent lack of support for Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

Joshua Howland

Joshua is a mobile application developer, entrepreneur, and technology enthusiast. His favorite posts are comparing companies and products. He’s pretty good at predicting what Apple has up its sleeves too. He loves sports and business and talks about them (along with tech) on Twitter (@jkhowland).

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