The most expensive apps on the market

If you’re like me, you regularly browse the FREE apps on iTunes. What can I say? I’ll admit I’m cheap. I seriously debate before I spend a few dollars on an app. So as you can imagine, I about choked when I read about these apps, which are some of the most expensive on the market:

BarMax (iPhone/iPad- $999.99)- This app offers a prep course for either the New York or California bar exam, and is said to be adding Texas, Florida, and Illinois too. It provides sample test questions, essays, and audio lectures right to your mobile device. Not only is it one of the most expensive, it’s also one of the biggest at 1.4 gigabytes. But hey, it might beat lugging around several pounds of heavy books and paying upwards of $4,000 for other prep courses.

iStutter (iPhone- $999.99)- Struggling with your speech? According to the description, this app “analyzes vocal fold activity and selectively provides delayed auditory feedback (DAF) when the user’s speech is too fast or the user is stuttering.” No word on whether it works or not, but despite the high price tag, it might be cheaper than speech therapy.

iVIP Black (iPhone- $999.99)- Unlike the previous two apps, this one is not necessarily used to help the ordinary person tackle a problem. This is an app to help the filthy rich live the good life, plain and simple. This app will help you get the VIP treatment at select luxury venues such as hotels and resorts. You can also use the app to book private jets, yachts, and private islands. Not just anyone can use it though. The user must certify that he or she has a net worth of at least $1 million.

QSFF Stats (iPhone- $999.99)- This app helps you keep track of stats for all leagues of…flag football?  Yep, that’s what it says.

Think those apps are crazy? iTunes at least has regulations that prevent worthless apps from charging ridiculous prices, but the Android Marketplace does not. For example:

Black Diamond ($200): The only thing this app does is give you a wallpaper of a black diamond on your phone. Yep, that’s it. Seriously. According to the description, “Own the most expensive app in the Market. Just because I’m rich and I can!” Uh, no thanks.

Vuvuzela World Cup Horn Plus ($200): Shake your phone and this app makes a vuvuzela horn (remember those from the last World Cup?) appears and begins to blare. Shake it again and it stops. So not only is it expensive, it’s totally obnoxious.


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