The Most Popular Emojis On Twitter

I have a confession to make: I am an emoji addict. If you’ve ever wondered what emojis are being used, look no further. shows you how people are using emojis on twitter in real time. Next to each emoji (listed by popularity), there’s a running total of how many tweets it’s been used in, and it’s constantly updating. You can watch the numbers get higher and higher, and if you click an individual emoji, you can read through the tweets it’s found in. It’s pretty interesting to see what emojis are popular. Here’s the top ten (Note: These are the names given to them by
1. Black Heart Suit

2. Thumbs Up Sign

3. Face Savoring Delicious Food

4. Crying Face

5. Purple Heart

6. Hundred Point Symbol

7. Growing Heart

8. Face With Cold Sweat

9. Headphone

10. Revolving Hearts

None of my Go-to Emojis even made the list. How about you— what are your emojis of choice? Let us know in the comments below.

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