The most unique way to honor a deceased pet

In March, the dream of a flying quadricopter taco delivery service hit the internet.

Now, one man has a new vision for a quadricopter: A flying cat quadricopter.

Yep. That’s real.

Is it alive? Nope.

After his cat Orville died, Bart Jansen decided to give the cat a unique chance to live up to his name by making him fly.

The flying cat quadricopter was put on exhibit at the Kunstrai art festival in Amsterdam.

Find out more about the Orvillecopter in this video at theguardian

Quadricopters have been programmed to fly in intelligent swarm formations, build walls, and even pick up and carry bodies. It’s almost creepy how precise these machines can be.

Perhaps the Orvillecopter is one way to make quadricopters looke more friendly and… lifelike.

[theguardian via geekologie]

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