A small team of Apple employees is working on this wearable iPod

This design is based on work by a designer named Gopinath Prasana, it is a mockup of the real thing. Prasana has dubbed it the future, and called it the iBangle.


Imagine a future iPod in which the devices have become jewelry. The basic premise that this could happen is actually years old. This design came from back in 2008. Prasana imagined it with a thin piece of alluminium, a multi-touch track pad, and an inflatable cushion inside the ring to fit multiple sized wrists comfortably.

The NYTimes recently reported that there is a very small group of Apple employees part of an industry-wide push for wearable tech. Giving way to the iBangle design of yesteryears.

The relative size of the team Apple has working on the iPod-bangle project is probably an indicator that it’s not high on the company’s agenda for release.

What’s holding it back?

The limiting technology here is the wireless transmission of music. Apple added Bluetooth 4.0 to the iPhone 4S.

Still, the iPod nano has at least in part jumped the gap to become a legitimate “wearable” itself: with the latest model, Apple added a variety of user-selectable watch faces, meaning the iPod can be used with one of various third-party wrist straps as a timepiece replacement.

While this is certainly true, the Nano as a watch is mostly for decoration. It still doesn’t contain the wireless capabilities necessary to make it a legitimate source of music on your wrist.

Source: Slashgear
Image credit: Yanko Design

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