The New Mac Pro: A New Direction In Design

Among the many announcements at Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference, one that stood out was the upgrade of Apple’s ‘long in the tooth’ product, the Mac Pro. Known as a work horse in the graphics, video, and animation world, this model has not been updated aesthetically, since, well, ever. In fact, it was basically a twin of its predecessor, the Power Macintosh G5 that was release in 2003. Compared to other Apple products, this lack of an update definitely is an oddity and one that Pro fans have not been happy about.

Well, that all changed as Apple did what they deemed to be a rare move on their part and gave developers and the media a “sneak peak” of the design and specs of the new pro machine. The unveiling consisted of an overly teasing video, similar to what you would expect from Sony, with the dramatic appearance of a…rounded cylinder. There were gasps and mouths agape, and rightly so. The design seems to go a different direction from the company’s current trajectory of silver brushed aluminum and rounded rectangles, not to mention unlike anything in the desktop market today. One would more expect the new Mac Pro to look like more like the new Airport Extreme than what was showcased at the keynote. The new hardware seemed to be encased in a high gloss plastic (yet to be confirmed) which hasn’t been seen on a desktop from the company since the 2006 iMac in white.

What does this mean? Will all iMac, MacBook Pros and Mac Mini’s become candy-shell black? Unlikely. Aluminum and metal in general has proven itself to not only look look good, but serve as a high quality material for durability as well. That being said, does that mean curves are back in style for the Cupertino company? Again, unlikely, but you never know. The Mac Pro has always been and always will be a niche product, serving as flourish in Apple’s hardware lineup. This design seems to confirm that point. Just think of it as a bright spot on Apple’s website to break up the brush aluminum lineup.

The Mac Pro will be assembled exclusively in the USA and will be available this fall.

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