The Oven Of The Future Will Talk To You Through Smartphone NFC Technology

In the near future, kitchen ovens will be able to interact with smartphones to enhance the cooking experience for home cooks.

LG is one company that is preparing to release NFC-enabled ovens, which will sync with nearby phones to offer hundreds of different variations of cooking capabilities to give cooks more options on how they bake, broil, and grill in their homes. Among all the capabilities and features, the oven will have hundreds of different cooking settings for different recipes or cooking styles.

The concept of LG’s smartphone-enabled ovens was first introduced earlier this year at CES, but according to Android Central, the release of a first model, called the LG Light Wave DIOS, is imminent.

While having our devices interfacing with our appliances is definitely a cool step in kitchen technology, my first thought when hearing about the NFC oven was “Why not WiFi?” For example, it would be nice to be able to control an oven’s temperature or monitor the food being cooked from anywhere in the home, not just when in range of the appliance’s NFC sensor. Common sense returned to my mind quickly though when thinking about the potential pitfalls of having an oven controlled via WiFi, not the least of which being the potential of an oven failing to receive a “turn off” command or a villainous individual compromising an appliance and burning a house down.

When thinking about it in those terms, NFC is just the right technology for this type of interaction.

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