The Pet Radar

It happens to all of us. Our precious dog or cat runs away the second we leave the gate open. Hours are spent searching and calling out for them and sometimes we never even see those precious pets again! Luckily, there’s the Pet Loc8tor.

The pet Loc8tor seems pretty brilliant considering your pets may run away all the time. Hours can be spent looking for the rascals. Now, you can find them within minutes using this type of homing device keychain that will hook onto any dog or cat collar. Looking for your pet has now become more of a treasure hunt, rather than a chore or tragedy. From now on, you don’t need to put up signs with your beloved pet. There are no more cash rewards for whoever finds your pet. With the Pet Loc8tor, you can sleep easy knowing your precious animals are safe.

The Pet Loc8tor isn’t designed to only work on animals. Be creative. Do you lose your keys often? Have you ever lost a purse or wallet? The Pet Loc8tor is designed to be attached to any of these very important items; items that you just can’t function in life without.

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