The Ubi – an AI house servant Kickstarter project

Having an AI servant in every room in your house is the dream. Google Now and Siri make it possible to have AI In your pocket, but the batteries of our phones make it impossible to leave them always on. So if you’re cutting up vegitables in the kitchen, it can be a pain to pull out your phone to ask a question.

The Ubi Project

There is a new project on Kickstarter: The Ubi. The device is the answer to anyone hoping for a bit more AI in their life.

Ubi – short for Ubiquitous Computer – is an Android 4.0-based personal assistant device that docks into a power outlet. You can ask Ubi to search the Internet for information, call someone on your contacts list, record memos, set alarms etc.

What can Ubi do?

Ubi will ship with a number of features once the Kickstarter project funds. Here are a few.

  • Voice-enabled Internet search
  • Speakerphone
  • Indicator light (based on events, e.g. weather, stock, email)
  • Home speaker system with sound piping
  • Virtual assistant (audio calendar, feed reader, podcast etc)
  • Voice memos
  • Alarm clock
  • Intercom system
  • Baby monitor

Check it out

The Kickstarter project is available until September 18th 2012. The project has officially been funded, and will ship in February of 2013.

Joshua Howland

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