The unseen benefits of tablet computing (by @brettbristow22)

As we advance from desktop computing, to laptops, smartphones, and now to tablets, we have changed the way in which we use these devices because of form factor as well as availability of their software. In this Post-PC era many are still on the fence about tablet computers and if they really are going to be the way of the future. Here are a few benefits of using a tablet that a spec sheet will not give you.

Form Factor

Whether you are using and iPad or any other tablet your choose, its size is going to be much smaller than a laptop. They are all even smaller than an average size note paper.


Recently, I attended a meeting that had many different types of devices used for taking notes and accessing information. There were two laptops, a few smartphones, and a few iPads. The person taking the meeting minutes was on a laptop.  You could hear the loud tap of the keys that almost was louder than the person that was speaking. From the other side of the room you could hear the other laptops fan buzzing away and trying to cool and stay alive. Those on the smartphones seemed to be squinting and had trouble recording information quickly. The others in the room that had the iPads were very silent and entering notes on a full touchscreen keyboard. Hardly any sound can be heard from their typing which is very discreet and natural. Because of the light cases that they were using many might have not of realized that they were even using a tablet.


Tablets are formatted with a UI that allows for the user to easily get from one application to another. Each app has a specific purpose and that allows you to quickly get to what you want to do. You can jump between a note app and your calendar very quickly without have to jumble around a bunch of papers or look through many files on your computer. If you are going to do watch a movie on Netflix, waking up your computer and navigating to the website ends up taking quite a bit of time. When you do it on a tablet it goes right there and allows you to be streaming content in a matter of seconds. Tablets wake up much faster than any computer and let you get to what you want to do in no time.

Maybe you have already realized these and that is why you made the tradition to your tablet months ago. If this is your first time thinking of these I hope that it can help you make the decision to jump into the Post-PC era. You never know, you may never turn back.

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