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High tech watches have always seemed to be a dream, and sometimes reality of both tech and fashion. From Dick Tracy’s walkie-talkie watch to the Casio calculator watch you knew made you cooler than all of the other 8th graders, this form factor seems to be a non-dying trend we’d all like to see work. After seeing what came out of CES 2011 this year though, our desires may be getting closer than we thought.

The Cruz Watch, by Velocity Micro is a Bluetooth streaming watch with a 1.8 inch LCD touch display that is destined to up your cool nerd factor. Dick Tracy would be quite jealous as this wrist-top device not only tells time (multiple digital and analog displays people) but streams your Facebook feed, acts as a caller ID and in the near future may be able to run apps. The Cruz Watch is running on Android 2.0 and thus at this point only interacts with Android phones. It is slated to come out in the second quarter of 2011 priced in the under $200 range.

Want to listen to music on Android’s music app but just can’t bare the thought of having to pull your phone out to cycle through music? Did Golden Girls come on suddenly and the only thing farther from your Android TV is the remote? Have no fear on either account; this watch is also capable of navigating through your Android multimedia devices as well.

Is the Cruz Watch not your thing, but you like the idea of wrist commanding power? There are a few more options starting to pop up from Allerta (for Blackberry), Sony-Ericsson (if you are European), and even first-watch-maker-second-tech-company Fossil. There is a good chance that one of these options, or one not even out yet, will become more main stream as the product category matures. What is your favorite tech watch that you’ve owned or would like to own? What features would you like to see in a smart watch?

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  • Justin Ray Bruntmyer

    Why? A watch… phone? What? Again?

  • guest

    It’s Dick Tracy come true!

  • Anonymous

    or, you could always just strap your ipad to your butt and call it a seatpad.