The ZAGGfolio Gets an In-Depth Review puts our iPad folio, the ZAGGfolio, to the test and publishes an in-depth review. Below are a few highlights from the review. For the full review, click HERE.

ZAGG even went the extra mile with the ZAGGfolio and included magnets in the case to give it Smart Cover instant on and off support.

This case’s tough attitude isn’t just skin deep, either, as ZAGG touts the fact that this product contains no moving parts. This will certainly add to the ZAGGfolio’s durability and ultimate lifespan.

The ZAGGfolio’s keyboard isn’t permanently attached to the case, which as you will see, gives it a lot of additional value. It can be removed from and returned to the case without any force or difficulty. As much as I really like the case with all of the elements joined together, it is the versatility of this keyboard that sells the package for me. Once removed, it becomes an ultra thin and light typing machine that can be used in a variety of ways.

After plenty of testing for verification, however, I can say that the docking slot works far better than I expected. My iPad 2 was held safe and secure when used on a table, despite my heavy-handed typing. The ZAGGfolio was stable, and never felt like it would allow the iPad to tip over. I even tried typing using the keyboard in my lap with the iPad 2 in portrait mode. It did rock back an forth slightly, but still never came close to tipping. In landscape orientation, it barely even moves at all. This is really important feature, in my opinion.

What can I say? There is a good reason that ZAGG wins a lot of “Best Of” product awards, and churns out some of the most desired and best-selling mobile accessories. Like Apple, they find those perfect holes in the market, and they make beautifully designed products to fill them. They also tend to get it right the first time. All of the ZAGG keyboards that I have mentioned are either first or second generation products, but they practically wipe the floor with the rest of the competition.

One thing I can say for sure after working on my last two ZAGG reviews is that, if you need a mobile Bluetooth keyboard, don’t bother with anything else. ZAGG is the unquestioned gold standard in the field at this point. There’s a good reason why mainstream retailers keep their items in plentiful supply and major manufacturers want to partner with them. They are simply the best at what they do, and as far as I’m concerned, the iPad keyboard market belongs to them at this point.

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