There’s A $30 Per Month, Unlimited Web And Text Plan On T-Mobile

These days, mobile phone plans are looking more like cable packages: overpriced and forced to buy pieces you don’t want or need. 1000 mandatory phone minutes anyone?

If this rings true for you, you may be interested to see what plan CNET unearthed from T-Mobile recently. The plan boasts 5GB of 4G data, unlimited texts and 100 minutes of talk time…all for the grand total of $30 a month. That’s right, no contract, 5GB of data and unlimited texting.

What’s the catch? Well, obviously there aren’t too many minutes included, so talking to grandma on her landline for long won’t be an option. The only other major hurdle is actually finding the offer. CNET points out that it isn’t listed on T-Mobile’s main site, but gives detailed instructions on how to locate it. From the sound of it, it sounds worth the hunt.

Here’s to hoping that this gem doesn’t disappear and that carriers start offering similar plans as they see the demand. With data and texting seeming to be the primary usage of smartphone juice these days, a limited minutes plan is the price to pay…$30 to be exact. Just start trying to convince Grandma that talking on the phone is overrated and that she really should check out Snapchat.

What do you think? Would you sign up? What would you realistically add? Sound off in the comments. Source: CNET

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