Thermometer Attachment For iOS And Android Devices Measures Temperature Of Food And More

We encounter a lot of different temperatures in our lives. We might work with hot (or cold) material in our careers, or more commonly, we need to test the temperature of food while cooking. Regardless of when and where we need to measure temperatures, there hasn’t been a tremendous amount of innovation in the thermometer space during this whole technology revolution we find ourselves in the middle of.

A company called Atrium Engineering is hoping to change that with a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign, however. Atrium has created what they call a “Smart Thermometer”, a physical thermometer attachment that plugs into your iPhone, iPad, or Android device, and works in conjunction with an app on the device to tell you the temperature of anything the thermometer touches.

Now, it should be noted right up front that this thermometer is not a medical device and wouldn’t be suitable for measuring a child’s temperature, but it is perfectly safe and useful for measuring the temperature of food that is being cooked, gauging whether a surface is safe to touch, or in use with science experiments around the house. The probe on the temperature sensor is stainless steel and food grade, and as the device is waterproof, it can be cleaned (as you certainly would want to after testing raw poultry, for example.)

As this is a Kickstarter campaign, the company only has prototypes of the device as of now, and they’re hoping to raise funding that will allow them to go to production with the real thing. With less than a week remaining in the campaign, Smart Thermometer was less than 20 percent of the way to achieving its $100,000 fundraising goal. A $55 contribution will back the project and net you a first-release thermometer in either black or pink once the project is funded. I’m not sure how this compares to other food thermometers on the market, but the argument that Atrium Engineering makes is the device should theoretically pay for itself because unlike other thermometer devices, you don’t need to buy new batteries for the Smart Thermometer, as it draws its own power from your mobile device.

If you love amping up the “geek” on every day devices and think this sounds like a better way to measure heat, head on over to Kickstarter and support the Smart Thermometer project.

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