These are the 4 apps Justin Bieber Should Use

1. Expedition White Shark

Justin’s biggest fear is sharks. Lucky for him, there’s an app that tracks great white sharks.

My biggest fear is sharks.
…I’m scared to go in like water that I can’t see the bottom because I’m like – what is in there?
…I’m more of a lake guy, because lakes don’t have sharks.

(Video: Justin Bieber and Jimmy Fallon – YouTube Presents)

2. Hair loss prevention

Bieber recently bashed on Prince William for his thinning hair. “I mean, there are things to prevent that nowadays.” (Us Weekly)

In addition to medication, one thing that could help is the Hair loss prevention app. Bieber currently has a full head of hair, but life has a way of turning things around. Best play it safe, Biebs.

3. Girlfriend Keeper

Bieber wants to be your boyfriend, but being a good boyfriend requires more than blowing money on swag. Girlfriend Keeper reminds you of important dates and contains thousands of messages that can automatically be sent for you.

According to this review, the app works miracles:

“My first three wives divorced me because I always forgot anniversaries. I am pretty sure my fourth marriage will work thanks to the Girlfriend app?” — Mark, 22

The app is currently unavailable in the US, but I’m sure Bieber could pull some strings.

4. How to Tap Dance

Justin can handle himself in a dance off. Once he adds tap dancing, he’s sure to be unbeatable.

(Video: Best dance moves of Justin Bieber)

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