This 220-Story Building In China Could Change The Way We Live In The Future [VIDEO]

One could argue that the ultimate “gadget” is a building equipped with lots of technology.

If that’s the case, a building scheduled to be built later this year in Changsha, Chian, might be end up being the biggest of big — and the processes that will be used in constructing it are pretty innovative themselves.

The project is called Sky City, and according if the building is actually built (construction is set to start in June of this year and take only six months), it will be a 220-story story, 2,700-foot-plus tall structure, with mixed uses including apartments, offices, movie theaters, grocery stores, schools, hotels, parks, and farms.

Yes, all of those uses would be part of the building, and it would be home to thousands of people, with the structure designed so that someone, theoretically, would never have to leave the structure to live their lives.

According to the Next Big Future blog, the building will be constructed in such a rapid timeline because all of the floors are pre-fabricated, meaning builders will essentially be able to stack the floors on top of each other like a set of Legos.

The concept of increasingly vertical cities is alluring, as if done effectively, it could solve a growing problem we have on Earth of decreasing land that can be used for growing food as a result of increasing urbanization. Still, the concept of a true vertical city of this scale has yet to play out, and while it is interesting to see a Chinese city embark on such a project, the ambitious timeline coupled with the scale of the project brings to mind immediately the stories of China’s ghost cities (if you’re not familiar, China has several full-scale cities that have been built that are virtually uninhabited as a result of the building industry continuing to build, but not enough demand for people to move into housing, commercial shops, and more).

If Sky City is successful, however, you can bet that its success will be mimicked elsewhere in the world, and it wont be long before the concept is tried in the United States. It’s not difficult to imagine such a large-scale project being built in real estate starved cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

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