This $28,000 3D Display Delivers An Immersive Gaming Experience [VIDEO]

A Russian startup company will soon debut a new type of video display that promises a more immersive 3D experience than anything currently on the market.

The company is called Nettle, and their display — NettleBox — uses a combination of infrared cameras, infrared lights, and a 3D plasma display to track users as they navigate around the display (which apparently sits flat like a table) so that users can move around the display at different angles and never lose the 3D affect of what they are looking at.

Of course, such a display could be a boon for gamers who love 3D but have not found the experiences they want with glasses or displays that require them to remain directly in front of a display. Other use cases for Nettle’s technology, TechCrunch speculates, could include giving architects the ability to virtually tour the insides of buildings, or in presentations or exhibits at conferences and conventions. Of course, the $28,000 price tag on NettleBox currently might also contribute to the unlikelihood of it making its way into living rooms with every Playstation 4 or XBox One sold this holiday season.

Image: Nettle

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