This $30 Toy Helicopter is My Favorite Gadget

Forget about your iDevices and your desserty droids. What fun is a tiny screen with pixels changing colors as you touch it? Get real people, and join the rest of humanity in the 3D world.

That may have been what my wife was thinking when she got me the Syma S107 R/C Helicopter for Christmas a couple of weeks ago. And if so, she was right on the money. This is the coolest toy I have ever owned, and it was less than $30 bucks on Amazon. In fact, I’ve loved it so much, she started to regret giving it to my while I flew circles around her head instead of packing up during our latest move.

Some people recognize the S107 as the annoying toy that the salespeople at the mall fly right into your faces. I’ve never run into that, but I’ve had more than a half-dozen people tell me about weird mall experiences with these little ‘copters.

So, after two weeks with the Syma S107, here are some of my reactions:


  • It is very light-weight but still made of quality materials. I’ve nosedived the helicopter from 50 feet without so much as a scratch.
  • It’s very easy to fly. I was able to figure it out in about 5 minutes, and my friends and family have picked it up just as fast. I still sometimes forget that the control to move the heli forward is always from the nose of the ‘copter, instead of forward from my vantage point. But other than that, very easy to start having fun with.
  • It’s remote control, and even though I carry around a computer in my pocket that can access any information from most anywhere, the ability to control something in the 3D world with a little controller still excites me.
  • Great conversation piece. My father-in-law was in town from out of state, and he had a blast with it. I think he ordered one on Amazon within minutes of his first lift-off.
  • Makes for an awesome distraction for animals and young kids. My daughter is absolutely fascinated by the helicopter. The blinking LEDs certainly help in that aspect.


  • Because of the infrared sensors, you should only fly the S107 inside. Direct sunlight can mess with the signal and send your helicopter to an untimely demise. If you insist on flying it outside, make sure to stay close and fly it above soft surfaces.
  • The flight time is only 6 minutes, and requires upwards of 45-60 minutes to recharge.


There are much worse ways to spend $30. I had this thing in my Shopping Cart for about 6 months before my wife decided to get it for me for Christmas, and I wish I hadn’t waited. So if you have a little wiggle room in your budget this month, take a chance on the S107. You won’t regret it. Click here to get it on Amazon.

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