This $60 gadget turns your iPad into a Pinball machine

Arcade gaming may seem like a dying fade to some but many gadget accessories allow for the nostalgia to live on into modern times. The iCade, for example,does just that by transforming an iPad into a mini-arcade cabinet. The folks at Duo Games have continued this trend and developed a controller that makes playing handheld pinball from an iPad pretty darn close to the real thing.

The Duo Pinball is an app-supported, iPad sized controller with two functional flipper buttons and a spring-loaded launcher on the sides that allow for realistic pinball gameplay. The controller connects to the device via Bluetooth and is compatible with any iOS device. In addition to providing users with a more traditional approach to pinball gaming, the controller has bump and tilt mechanisms as an added bonus. The Duo Pinball currently works exclusively with pinball apps from Gameprom.

The Pinball HD Collection app is available for free on the Apple App store and the Duo Pinball is available for $60.

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