This App Is A Must-Have If You Are Going To A Major League Baseball Game

In a world where there are millions of apps of varying usefulness and quality, it’s not often that I download an app and immediately realize its value and feel like I need to run and tell all my friends about it.

Or, in this case, share with ZAGG Daily readers.

It’s an app that, if you’re a baseball fan, will transform the way you enjoy the ballpark experience, and it’s Major League Baseball’s “At the Ballpark” app.

Available as a free download for iOS or Android, At the Ballpark was an app that I’d often see promoted in MLB’s other major app — At Bat — but had never downloaded. Having attended a couple baseball games this week (go Yankees!) I had a transformed experience at the Stadium (Seattle’s Safeco Field) compared to previous visits.

The biggest value point for me within the app was the ability to upgrade my seat. One hour before game time, you can access a section of the app where you can select seat upgrades from various parts of the stadium. The app asks you what you want to do — sit behind home plate, catch a home run, be above the dugout — and will find you a new seat based on whatever is available. The interesting thing about this process for me though was that it wasn’t based off where I was currently sitting so I didn’t have to do anything like insert information about my current ticket or have a ticket of certain value before I could be upgraded (I’m looking at you, airline industry!)

With the upgrade feature in At the Ballpark, all the app cares about is that you are in the stadium already. You could get into the stadium with a free ticket you got from work that is for the worst seat in the house, and then upgrade to a seat behind home plate for — in the case of my Yankees/Mariners experience — about $35. I imagine the prices will vary by seat and by ballpark, but the process was extremely simple. Once you’ve bought an upgrade, you just show your app to an usher if they ask to verify your new seat.

Additional features of the app include the ability to check in at the stadium with special promotions for those who do check in (I received an offer for 15 percent off online purchases at MLB Shop, and at Safeco Field they gave free gear to the 50th check in at each game.) You can also see videos of highlights, live in game highlights, maps pointing you to food vendors and giving you menus throughout the stadium, and links to team social media sites.

All in all, I found the app to be a great addition to my experience and felt it was one of the few I’ve downloaded recently that warranted shouting about from the rooftops.

Play ball!

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