This App Is Basically Snapchat For Texts, Once Read, They Disappear

Confide LogoWith so much written communication in our society today, it is easy to understand why some people are concerned about their words being used against them. Whether it is discussing confidential information or everyday gossip, having written proof or documentation should be avoided.

Confide is an app that solves this problem. Like Snapchat, once your message is viewed, it is gone forever.


To read a message, you swipe over the orange boxes to reveal individual words. Only a few words are exposed at a time, which prevents recipients from taking screen shots. Even if they do take a screen shot, only a few words will be seen, and you will be notified. After the message has been read, the boxes turn to gray and fall away.

You can send a message to any email or phone number, and get a receipt to know when your message has been read.

Confide is free on iTunes and Google Play. The Android version of the app also offers the capability to highlight portions of emails and share them via Confide. The future of the app is being able to share from anywhere without worrying about whose hands it may end up in.

If you want your words off the record, use Confide.

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