This App Lets You Skip The Lines At Costco

I feel like most people have similar Costco stories: First, they spend a lot more time wandering the aisles than they ever intended. Second, they end up spending a lot more money than they planned at the wholesale giant. Third, they have to haul their haul all the way back home, making the trip even longer and depending on who they brought with them, daunting—and maybe even a little traumatic.

If only you could bypass all that—get the bulk products you want without spending the time and effort at those massive warehouse shopping mazes. Now you can. Boxed is a nationwide app for your smartphone or tablet that acts just like the wholesale stores but with no membership fees and free 2-day shipping for orders over $75 (which isn’t difficult if you’re buying in bulk).

Right now, the amount of goods available for purchase isn’t expansive, but it does include products in a number of categories, including household, health and beauty, grocery, kids and diapers, and odds and ends. You can get vitamins, cold and flu medication, lunch snacks, and all the things you need for a week in the life of your busy family. Plus, no driving! Saving gas? Major bonus.

The app also highlights any deals that are going on, and always tells you how much you’re saving compared to shopping at local and competitive online retailers, based on the unit cost of the product you’re purchasing.

Boxed is available for iOS and Android devices through Google Play.

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  • Dumb app


    • Jamie

      Great review. I love the insight you have and how much thought you must have put into your comments. I can imagine the number of companies who must be beating down your door to get you to opine on their products and services. Zagat’s needs people like you to just cut to the chase and give your honest, heart-felt opinion without the need for all those difficult words and paragraphs to for readers to traverse and digest.

  • arf01

    Sounds like Amazon!

  • Shelagh Delves-Broughton

    Only for the US, not Canada

  • Frank

    Can’t you get the same thing by signing up for the Costco newsletter and buying from their online store? Yes, you would still have to pay a membership fee, but from what it says in the article, it would give you access to a bigger selection than Boxed.

  • JA Larson

    Or get the COSTCO exec membership, order online, and let the kickback pay for the membership.

  • Karen Smith

    I’ve used Boxed a few times now, it’s a great way to get bulk items delivered free (over $75 total order) and their customer service is exceptional. I’m very satisfied with everything I’ve received and definitely will continue to shop BOXED.

  • Jose Casablanca

    This app is amazing! Half the items for sale in the app aren’t even sold in costco. The app is nice to look at and I got my first order within a day. Definitely placing another order soon.