This App Tells You The Best Times To Use The Restroom During A Movie

I’ll never forget when I saw the movie Cast Away. I don’t remember it so much because the plot line changed my life, I remembered it because it was 143 minutes long. This was before the days of supermovies such as The Lord of the Rings with run times well past two hours. My mistake (and memorable experience) was located in my decision to buy a super sized movie drink. The movie was slow, which made the full bladder that much more painful. I wasn’t sure I’d make it to the end.

My not-so-fond memories of Cast Away could have been prevented (and the movie totally forgotten) had I only used the RunPee app. Available for Android, iOS, and Windows 7 devices, this app tells you the best times to take a bathroom break during a movie. Once the app is loaded and ready to go, you select the appropriate movie and once the opening credits (or advertisements) finish, you tell the app you’re ready to roll.

The app will then vibrate at the appropriate times in the movie when you have the perfect opening to relieve an overly full bladder. You could even use this app to signal when to go refill your popcorn and drink to make sure you get your money’s worth, since movie concession prices aren’t exactly low. You’re welcome! After using RunPee, your bladder will thank you and you’ll be able to properly enjoy (or grimace at) you movie in peace.

A few additional features of the app are:

  • Running timer which notifies you when the next pee break is coming
  • Ability to directly post your movie review to Facebook
  • Find out if there is any bonus footage after the end credits
  • See other reviews
  • View movie and cast information

Alison J. Herzog is an eater, shopper, traveler, and most of all, a proud mama to Baby Zog. She pays for these by working as a social media strategist. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram or at In The Land Of Zog and catch ramblings about all of the above.