This Electric Guitar Allows You to Rock Out with iOS, PC, or Mac

Let’s face it, many people dream of being big rockstars but one of the biggest hurdles in setting foot in the right direction is getting the proper equipment. A solid set up of an electric guitar, an amp, and recording software can run a couple thousand dollars. Fender has teamed up with Apple to release an inexpensive USB electric guitar that works directly with GarageBand.

The Squier by Fender Start Guitar with USB and iOS connectivity comes equipped with mini-USB connector that works on a simple plug-and-play interface. The Squier line of guitars are usually aimed at beginners who have never picked up a guitar before but at $199, it’s a great price for an entry-level guitar that allows users to record directly into GarageBand and play around with the editing capabilities of the program.

The guitar includes a USB cable to connect the guitar to any PC or Mac as well as a USB-mini to 30-Pin cable to connect the guitar to an older iOS device. In order to connect to newer iOS devices, you will need a 30-pin to Lightning adapter as the guitar does not include a Lightning cable. In addition to the onboard USB connection, the guitar can function as any Stratocaster and connect to any amp.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned guitarist, you’ll love the ease and functionality of transferring and editing your very own guitar riffs without leaving your couch.