This exists. And it’s disgusting: The iPhone umbilical cord charger

Well, here’s something disgusting.  Japanese artist Mio I-zawa has created an iPhone charger to resemble an umbilical cord, of all things.  The charger partially swallows the phone even, almost creating a “womb” of sorts for your iPhone to charge in.  But that’s not all, folks.  As if this thing weren’t already creepy to look at, it actually moves and pulsates as it provides power, or “life”, to the iPhone.  I, uh…words escape me on this one, really.

The artist who created this charger seems to have a fascination with creating visual representations of internal organs such as an external heart, elastic cell, and mechanical tumor.  However, his other pieces are not iPhone accessories or chargers.  There does not seem to be any sort of indication that this unique umbilical cord charger is available for purchase anywhere, but if it was I’m sure there would be plenty of people with interesting taste in accessories flocking to get their hands on this baby (no pun intended…ok, maybe a little).

Anyway, check out this little video clip to see the umbilical cord charger in action:

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