This gadget cleans your keyboard with 200 MPH winds

Compressed air in a can gets costly. When you work a desk job at an office, if you’re the kind of person that likes to clean behind their keys, it’s easy to run through a new can nearly every other week. Maybe it’s my OCD, is it not normal to clean with air that often?

Now on ThinkGeek there is a can-less air pump that promises super fast wind speeds.

Hurricane Air System

On a fresh charge the pump can run at full bore for about twelve minutes, and will blow the equivalent of 20 cans of compressed air.

Twenty cans of compressed air means that while the $99.99 price seems high, it will quickly cover the cost of air cans in your office.

I’m not sure if my little keyboard can handle 200 mile per hour winds, but if it can, that just means it will be that much more clean.

Joshua Howland

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