This gadget syncs via Bluetooth and automatically orders a pizza when you push a button

Sometimes the cravings hit when you are least expect them, and running down to the store to get that late night munchie just seems impossible. That’s why a pizzeria in Dubai has unveiled a new refrigerator magnet that actually orders pizza in a single tap.

The VIP Fridge Magnet (short for Very Important Pizza) is the creation of Red Tomato Pizza. This fantastic device is preset to order a pizza online, and works by syncing a Bluetooth connection with your smartphone. Red Tomato Pizza then sends a confirmation text and delivers the pizza shortly after.

And for those customers who like variety, there is an option to update your pizza selection online at anytime. The magnet is set up by default to order just one type of pizza, but if you are feeling like pepperoni on Tuesday and Hawaiian on Friday, a simple click of a mouse to the company’s website will allow you to change your favorite.

Then there is the problem of over ordering, clicking the magnet one too many times or abusing it for fun. Thankfully, Red Tomato Pizza programmed the little gadget with a measuring device to stop unwanted pizzas from being delivered. Every time the magnet is pushed, a text message is sent to the customer to confirm the order; then they can either reply to cancel or modify the order, or just sit back and wait for their pie to arrive.

But this isn’t the first time pizza companies have used modern technology to their advantage. Dominos Pizza has an app that allows users to place, customize and pay for their order with just a few taps. So will the simplicity of this concept spur other pizza companies to grab a slice? Who knows, Pizza Hut and Dominos could be the next companies to jump on the bandwagon.

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