This Genius Toaster Is Kitchen Gadgetry Heaven (Thanks, Pinterest!)

The other day I was rushing to get ready for work, as always, and was trying to make a quick breakfast for my daughter and I by popping a couple of pieces of bread into our cheap-o toaster.  Apparently, this toaster is ironically not equipped for heat and the little knob that allows you to indicate the “doneness” of the toast has melted a bit, making it impossible to determine where it is on the “doneness” scale.  Evidently, my daughter had been tinkering with this knob at some point and before I knew it, I caught a whiff of that unmistakable burnt toast smell and rushed over to find two charcoal briquettes unworthy of any amont of butter or jam.  Into the trash they went and I had to start over again.  Bread wasted…time wasted… argh!  If only there was a better way, right?  How hard could toast be??

Interestingly enough, later that day I ran across this beauty while spending some quality time with my best friend Pinterest:

Unfortunately, it currently is only a concept, not a functioning toaster.  But how great would this be?  Not only could you watch your toast as it turned to an alarming shade of black and intercept the process, but it would look so much prettier sitting on a countertop!  No more bulky box to try to design around.  Perfect toast from a pretty toaster!  It’s kitchen gadgetry heaven.

Now, I realize that there are a lot of other technical mysteries that need to be solved before we spend a whole lot of time turning this toaster into a reality.  But if someone did, I’d totally buy it.  Just sayin’.

And since we’re on the subject, click here for a fun little ditty about toast from the Bob & Tom Show, just to make your day a little brighter.

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