This Hidden Feature Will Let You Share Your Entire Screen With Chromecast

If you’re lucky enough to have been one of the thousands to order and receive a Google Chromecast before they sold out at Amazon, Best Buy, and other retailers, you’re no doubt enjoying streaming videos and music from your laptops, phones, and tablets onto your television screens. A little-known feature inside the Google Chrome web browser extension that is used with Chromecast, however, may make the Chromecast even more useful to owners.

Android Authority published a post on Friday describing how Chromecast users can share their entire screen to their television, which expands the flexibility of what can be streamed beyond initially published reports that users could share a tab from their Chrome web browser.

The feature — which is listed as experimental — can be found inside Google Chrome by clicking on the Chromecast’s extension icon, then clicking a small, discrete drop down menu at the top right of the menu, and clicking the option to “cast entire screen.” Once enabled, users desktops will be shared with their Chromecast, rather than just a single tab.

The option works well and video streamed using the cast entire screen feature works well, however there are some caveats, the biggest being that audio does not transfer properly. I attempted to play a video broadcast from using cast entire screen, and while audio would continue to play from my laptop speakers, the video on the Chromecast was about a second delayed from the audio. This problem does not exist when casting video from a Chrome tab to a TV (the workflow required for something like HBOGo.)

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