This iPad Accessory Is For Expert And Beginner Guitarists — You Strum Real Strings Too

The JamStik comes from a company called Zivix (even the name is cool). It’s a little MIDI guitar that works with real guitar strings, works wirelessly over Wi-Fi and has a small design for portability. The biggest feature is that it supports string bending “thanks to the way it detects finger movement on the neck”.

CoreMidi Compatibility Required

You’ll need a Mac or iPad (it might work on Windows computers as well) and software like GarageBand to get the audio to sing.

Pairing your Jamstik over WiFi and loading up, say, Garage Band, you can enter notes just by playing them on the guitar with real strings. The frets are mostly for show, since finger-sensing infrareds underneath the fret strings are what chord you are actually playing, but the strings for plucking or strumming are real, and you actually need to hit them to release the note. Octaves can be changed by a built-in D-Pad.

Apps coming soon

Zivix hopes to offer a few apps along with the device. They plan to launch a guitar teaching suite called JamTutor. They also have a game they’d like to introduce called JamHero (of course). Then they’ll add a live music remixer called Jam Live.

Source: Cult of Mac

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