This Is What It’s Like To Use A Chromecast At A Hotel

While there are still a lot unanswered questions about Chromecast, one Reddit user, johnkiniston, let us know what it’s like to use Chromecast at a hotel. The experience is detailed in a post titled I spent a week with my Chromecast in a hotel. The post reads:

Mostly I used it for Netflix with my Touchpad running Cyanogen Mod. I tried casting a tab from my work laptop but it was way under the system requirements to do so and it failed.

Three times I had random Youtube videos start playing from other people on the hotels shared wifi, Nothing shocking or anything. I did have to restart my Netflix each time however.

The hotel required you to accept a EULA to use the WIFI, I called their helpdesk and explained the device has no browser and they manually entered the MAC address into their accept list.

All in all it was a positive experience, I enjoyed watching Netflix on their TV instead of just on my Tablet.

Next trip I take for work I may not even bring my work laptop as I’m close to doing everything it does with Android.

You can read the entire thread here.