This Japanese Gadget Roams Around Your Tablet Or Smartphone Screen And Cleans It So You Don’t Have To

Readers, a couple notes about this post before you read it:

  1. I don’t read Japanese.
  2. Google Translate couldn’t help me translate what I’m about to show you because most of the page was Flash and images.
  3. An awesome Japanese-style video and fantastic imagery will tell you all you need to know about this product.

Now, with that said: You know that the screens on your gadgets are not just dirty, they’re filthy. There have been news reports indicating that the typical mobile device has more germs on it than a public toilet seat. There are plenty of products available, such as ZAGGfoam ($9.99 on or ZAGGwipes ($4.99 on, to help you keep your screens clean and germ free, but few are as awesome as this from a Japanese company called Takara Tomy: A Roomba-type device to robot around and clean your screen.

On the Takara Tomy site, there are four steps listed on how to use the product, which I gather is called Auto Mee(s): Step 1: Put the Auto Mee on your dirty device. Step 2: Let the Auto Mee be cute and roam around your device like the little device cleaning monster it is. Step 3: Marvel at the awesomeness of the Auto Mee. Step 4: Clean more devices.

If any ZAGGblog readers can translate the site in more detail for us, we’d love to update this, but I think you can tell from the images that may be setting a new standard in Roomba-like devices to disinfect your tablets and smartphones.

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