This Kickstarter Project Has Been Backed By Almost 2,000 People And Is The Most Innovative Light We’ve Ever Seen

A great light or lamp can make all the difference in the mood of a room. The lighting can transform a dark, dreary space into something very unique. One of the problems with lights as we know them today, however, is they’re pretty inflexible. If we’re talking about a light fixture, well, it’s called a fixture for a reason — it’s stuck on the wall or the ceiling and it is what it is. If it’s a lamp, sure, you can move the lamp around the room, but for all intents and purposes, the lamp’s form/function remains pretty static.

The creators of Lumio are hoping that their wildly successful Kickstarter project will help them change the way that people light their spaces. Lumio is a light that starts off in the shape of a book (really, it looks just a like a closed book) but can — pardon the pun — open up to a wide range of possibilities.

Lumio opens up just like a book, with the equivalent of pages fanning out, enabling a Lumio owner to set the light up in a number of different forms for a number of different purposes. Sitting down to read for the night? Just open Lumio a little bit to focus the light where you need it. Doing some work in the kitchen? Open Lumio 180 degrees and mount it to the underside of your cupboard. This is much more flexible — literally — than your standard table lamp.

Lumio comes with strong magnets built into its “cover” so that it can be mounted in various locations. When folded in its book form, Lumio is just one inch thick. The light can be recharged when not in use, and will last about eight hours on a single charge.

Lumio’s creators asked for $60,000 to fund the creation and production of their lights on Kickstarter, and as of Monday evening, had raised almost $200,000. Backers to the project who contribute $95 now will receive a Lumio during the second run of production, and should expect to receive their light in September of this year (the early-bird batch and the first batch of production sold out quickly.)

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