This Lego Calendar May Be The Most Innovative Planning Concept Ever

The Lego Calendar concept above was dreamed up and installed by a design and invention studio from London called Vitamins. The firm works with companies like Samsung, Burton, and Nokia. Learn more about the calendar here.


  • smashley1981

    I love this! Can’t wait until they release the software :)

  • Kintu Shah

    Not sure how scalable it can be – sure can work for home projects or for small organization.
    what about company with multi thousand employees with several hundred projects going in parallel

  • Ed Reasonover

    Scalability is a concern but how adaptable is it to other planning schemes? I can see its versatility and would also like to get a copy of the software when it is available.

  • Michael Masterson

    Very cool. Can’t wait to see the final product

  • Karl

    Cool, a toy from my past becoming a tool now! I can’t wait, I’m almost like a kid again. I want it the cool new Lego Calendar now.

  • dpualumni45

    WOW! I LOVE technology!