This Raspberry Pi-Based Project Will Let You Automate Feeding Your Pets [VIDEO]

For those who love their pets but hate the daily routine of actually feeding them, there is now a high-tech solution to automating those repetitive processes.

LifeHacker published details Sunday about the setup, which includes a shopping list of all the resources (including a link to a GitHub repo with all the python scripts the creator used to program his feeder) that someone would need to set up a similar outfit for their pets.

LifeHacker users commenting on the concept of the automated pet feeder were quick to point out that use of the powerful-but-tiny Raspberry Pi to program the feeder might be overkill, but still, they suggested other potential uses of such a feeding setup such as automatically dispensing portion-controlled treats at various times of the day to a worker sitting at a desk.

One other user, however, speculated as to what would happen in a worst case scenario of someone relying on the automatic feeder to deliver food to their pet while the owner was on vacation, but the feeder failing:

“Man — one crash of the system and you have a dead pet,” the user, Derfel, commented. “Too much pressure.”

Still, the idea is the latest in a string of innovative uses for a system such as Raspberry Pi, and perhaps it can inspire other programmers for other unique uses for such a system that don’t involve creating less interaction between owners and their pets.

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